The Seven Offices of the Kingdom

TheSeven Offices of the Kingdom

The Kingdom was governed by the following Officials , in peacetime and in wartime , through them all Royal orders are executed.

1- Grand Constable to whom (since was established by the Normans and
Franks ) , was commended all the Land Army.
He sat on the right side of the King and carried the bare sword
in cavalcade.

2- Grand Justiciar , under is guardianship the Great Court is governed ,
his jurisdiction is extended over civil and criminal cases.
All titled persons of the Kingdom are under this Juridisdiction.
Under the Viceroyalty , his Lieutenant is the Regent of Vicaria.
He sits on the left of the King.

3- Grand Admiral , captain general of the entire Sea Militia.
He supervise all the matters of persons who practice Sea Warfare.
Except The Galleys of Naples , who are overseen by their Generals.
He chairs the Tribunal with its Lieutenant judge and notary with the prisons.
He creates Vice-Admirals for all the navies.
He sits on the right of the King , to the side of the Grand Constable

4- Grand Chamberlain , who cares over the Royal Patrimony.
He supervise the Lieutenant of the Camera della Sommaria.
He has provisions , which are drawn from the Jus Tapeti , from the Capitanie of the state -owned lands , from the feudal reliefs from the Barons , from the excises on Salt and Sugar.
He sits near the Grand Justiciar.

5- Grand Protonotary , the secretary of the King.
In public parliaments is the first to speak.
He preseved the Royal writings , he has a Lieutenant , who is the President of the Camera della Sommaria.
He has authority to create notaries in the Kingdom.
He sits near the Grand Admiral.

6- Grand Chancellor , is in charge to seal all the priviliges and writings
of the Kingdom.
He has full authority over the University of Naples where doctors
earn degrees , supervise the college of Law , Theology and Medicine.
He sits near the Grand Chamberlain.

7- Grand Seneschal , is the Prefect and Master of the House of the Royal
Palace , he has care of all the Royal ornaments and apparatus and provides all the necessities of the Palace of the King.
He cares of the breeds of horses , of the forests , and the hunting reserves for the King.
He sits at the feet of the King.
Catalog of the Families holding the Seven Offices from the Times of King Roger of Hauteville to King Charles IV of Habsburg - Austria